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Zero VOC Products

B-515.1W< 5amineFor PUD, PVAc
B-515.1WH*< 5amineFor PUD, PVAc
B-515.1WHM*< 5noneFor PUD, PVAc
B-515.71W> 7amineFor PUD, acrylic
B-515.71WH> 7amineFor PUD, acrylic
B-515.71WM> 7noneFor PUD, acrylic; also low cost pigment dispersant
B-515.71HRW > 7amineFor PUD, acrylic
B-516.71HRW > 7diamine For PUD, acrylic
C-523.72HRW > 7hydroxy/carboxy For PVAc, VAE, WB alkyd

*Preferred products in B-515.1 group


1. Solvent Carrier: Water

2. Active Matter content:

Non-HStandard solids
1.5H1.5x solids of non-H analog. Use level is 0.7x non-H use level
2H2x solids of non-H analog. Use level is 0.5x non-H use level
MMetals only; lower cost

3. Organo functionality content:

Non-HREquivalent weight of 1500 based upon amine content
HR2x amine. Equivalent weight of 750

4. Cost Effectiveness: HM > M > H > Standard product