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Chartwell International Inc. was founded in January 1991 by Lawrence B. Cohen, a leader in the adhesion promoter industry, as a manufacturer of unique proprietary metal organic adhesion promoters marketed to the coating, abrasive, adhesive, ink, plastic and rubber industries.

In June 2014, the company was acquired by Protex International Inc. and all operations moved from its Attleboro Falls, MA plant to a Protex-owned facility in Dudley, MA. Production of the company’s Chartsil line of solid adhesion promoters for powder coatings remains in Savannah, GA.

Protex International, a French firm based in Paris, is a medium-sized, 100% private and financially independent company with a turnover of more than $220 million US. Established in 1932, its business is to develop, produce and market chemical and biochemical specialties for manufacturers in the chemical and other industries through a large number of subsidiaries.

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