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Chartsil: Solid Performance

Chartwell Adhesion Promotors

CHARTWELL (liquid)/ 72% + HiSil ABS Precip Silica/ 28% = CHARTSIL (Solid)

C-505.1/ 2H mercaptoAll sulfur cured rubber (SBR, etc)* Epoxy, Urethane powder coating*
B-515.1/2H, C-515.71HR

aminoEpoxy powder coating*
EPDM, Nylon, urethane

For glass and other non-metals
C-523.2Hcarboxy/ hydroxyTGIC Polyester powder coating*
B-525.1carboxyTGIC Polyester powder coating*

*Improved corrosion resistance, reduced creep at the scribe

CHARTSIL: Use Procedure Considerations

  1. Liquid Chartwell is largely in pores of silica, not on the exterior of the Chartsil particle.
  2. Liquid Chartwell has high surface tension. For liquid to be released and pass into the powder coating system, the silica carrier must be crushed.
  3. Set extruder for maximum shear and maximum torque.*
  4. Recommended use level is 0.5 – 1.0 phr. (2H), 1.0-1.4 phr. (H), and 1.4-2.8 phr. (others)

Organoreactive Groups

-(CH 2) x SH, X<6C-505.1/ 2H
-(CH 2) xNH2, x<4B-515.1/ 2H, C-515.71HR
-(CH2)xCOOH, X=4-6B-525.1

1. Benefits

Improved corrosion resistance (salt fog), reduced creep at the scribe.

2. Rubber

  • Improved adhesion
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Improved tensile and tear strengths

*Alternatively premix Chartsil with resin/ pigments in a high shear mixture, ie Henschel, Banbury or similar. Add premix to extruder and compound as usual.

Liquid Adhesion Promoter distributed within silica pores:

High shear/ high torque = success with Chartsil

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