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1. WB Coatings and Adhesives:

The majority of Chartwell products sold are “W” grades in which the adhesion promoter is supplied as a water solution. Most generally these products are introduced as a post add at a level of 0.35% as supplied on polymer solids.

2. WB Acrylics:

The most common polymer type in which Chartwell products are used. B-515.71W is our single largest selling grade and is used most often in WB acrylics (either ambient cured or force baked). Significant C-515.71HR is also used.

PUD: Also B-515.71W and B-516.71HRW.

3. Difficult substrates

For non-metallic substrates, ie glass and most plastics ( expect untreated PE/PP) the new product C-515.72HRX is the number one choice. The “X” products take advantage of reduced neutralizing agent used in their manufacture to provide further enhancements in adhesion particularly to glass and plastics. Use levels are again 0.35%as supplied on polymer solids in the majority of cases. We suggest also looking at C-515.71HRX for WB acrylics on glass and plastics.

4. 2K epoxy and 2K PU

Chartwell C-515.72HRX and C-515.71HR are the products of choice. Use levels most frequently 0.35% on total cured polymer (part A + Part B). In epoxy system add full dose of Chartwell to the amine/amide curing agent side (with high shear mixing). Likewise in 2K PU systems add the full dose to the polyol side.

5. Powder Coatings:

Chartsil C-523.2H (TGIC/polyester and Primid Polyester), Chartsil B-515.1/2H (epoxy, epoxy hybrid, urethane) and Chartsil B-525.1 collectively represent 15% of Total Sales. We enable reduced creep at the scribe and 2X increase in salt fog hours (ASTM B-1117) to the picture. Use Chartsil C-515.71HR for powder coating adhesion to glass and plastics. For improved adhesion to elastomers, select Chartsil C-505.1/2H.

6. SB Coatings:

Top choices are Chartwell C-523.2H and F-515.71HR (acrylics and alkyds), Chartwell C-515.71HR and D-525.3 (polyesters). Consult product bulletins for recommended dosage.

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